Meet the team.

Our team brings together skill sets across immunology, molecular biology, single cell sequencing and machine learning to understand T-cell function in disease and address unmet clinical needs via TCR-based therapies.


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Binbin Chen.


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Ethan Fast.


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Manjima Dhar.

VP of Cell Engineering

Scientific advisors.

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Russ Altman.

Kenneth Fong Professor
Stanford University

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Lisa Wagar.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics
University of California

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Michael Khodadoust.

Assistant Professor · Oncologist
Stanford Medicine · Stanford Cancer Center

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Eric Horvitz.

Chief Scientific Officer

Strategic advisors.

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Ron Alfa.

Physician-scientist and Biotech Entrepreneur

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Rich Yu.

Co-founder and CEO
Abalone Bio

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Gunsagar Gulati.

Physician-scientist and Hematology/Oncology Fellow
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Hanadie Yousef.

Co-founder and CEO
Juvena Therapeutics

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