T-cell receptors are the next frontier for human health.

Vcreate uses machine learning to understand and engineer human T-cell receptors (TCRs) that can treat diseases impossible to treat before.

Targetting cancer illustration Targetting cancer illustration

Targeting diseases with precision.

T-cell receptors can detect targets inside of cells undruggable by most therapies.

Our platform helps design high precision TCR-based drugs can destroy target cells while sparing normal cells.

A platform for 100x faster discovery.

The primary bottleneck in the development of T-cell receptor based therapies is the identification of T-cell receptors that activate against disease-specific targets.

Leveraging novel molecular biology and single-cell sequencing, Vcreate’s screening assays can interrogate hundreds of millions of TCR-antigen interactions in a single flask. Compared to other assays like tetramer staining or yeast display, this represents a more than 100x speedup and enables the development of new therapies.

Vcreate system diagram Targetting cancer illustration

Designing T-cell receptors with AI.

Vcreate leverages the unprecedented datasets generated by our assays to train machine learning algorithms that can design T-cell receptors that activate against a target of interest.

Designing T-Cell receptors

These algorithms allow us to target rare cancer mutations even when they do not exist in our experimental datasets.

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